Why vacation on a cruise?

Convenience! Everything you need is within reach on your floating resort!

This is my number one reason as a traveler is convenience!  From check in to check out, room service, activities, room location, excursions, room service, specialty restaurants, buffets, entertainment, specialty meals, laundry facilities, spa reservations, and attentive stewards to bring me anything I need to make my trip easier.  The easier and smoother your travels are the more likely you will continue to cruise and travel stress-free!

Sometimes it is worth spending a little bit more money for even extra convenience, i.e. staying in suites with added perks and upgraded amenities, or even booking your pre or post arrival or departure hotels, transfers, and excursions ahead of time.

The places you will go!   Where else are you able to unpack your belongings once and be able to see multiple countries, cities, and explore different cultures?

Cruising allows you to see places you are not able to fly to; making cruise destinations even more valuable. For example Alaska, as a destination, has ports you can’t drive to or fly to, only accessible by water!

Cruising gives you the opportunity to see quaint, more private and exclusive destinations which makes it luxurious.  Remember to make the most of it, especially if the cruise is a long flight away from your home. See and do it all because the memories you create from your travels are absolutely priceless!

I personally love helping my clients find the best itinerary to fit their bucket list. Once this is established, we work with your budget, and match your top essentials and amenities for on your cruise; matching you up with the cruise line that fits you and your family best.

It’s all planned! You know exactly where your going ahead of time; you can research, watch documentaries, or read up on all the cities and ports your cruise is going to. You know your port times, your check in-out times, luggage arrival, and you can even make all your dinner reservations!  This makes your trip smooth and easy for planning your excursions, flights, and an all around fun adventure for you and your family!

Remember…there is a cruise or vacation to fit anyone’s budget! Customizable to your family’s needs and wants!

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