Why choose a professional travel consultant to handle your cruise travel plans?

First, it is extremely time consuming to plan travel. Sometimes it takes weeks or months of preparation and research.  Coordinating times, places, air, and accomodations especially for families travelling together from different areas. Then there is also “timing” and making sure you get the best “value”.

If you are a price shopper, you might be used to using self-service discount online brokers. I used to be one of those people, and I got absolutely no answers to my questions about a specific room type, ship information, or any help for that matter.  Lack of service and bottom of the barrel rooms and poor location on these websites will not give you the best vacation experience at all!

And then I learned it’s so much easier to use a resource like a professional travel consultant who can do all the work for you. A travel consultant has access to quality rooms, premium location, suites, premier access, and so many more perks! Plus a personal, first-class touch.

Who doesn’t want that?
Let Cruise Vibes Travel go to work for you!